Alabama IADA
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Alabama AIADAIt is the intent and purpose of the Alabama Independent Automobile Dealers
Association, its officers and Board of Directors, to encourage and promote goodwill,
integrity and professional interaction among its members and the automobile
dealerships within the State of Alabama.

It is the objective and purpose of the Alabama I.A.D.A. to strive to educate its members and other organizations and business personnel regarding the laws, guidelines and regulations of the government affecting the automotive industry in Alabama.

The Association purposes to be a resource to provide its members with current procedural and automotive information and products to assist members for productive operation in their business by the Federal and State laws.

It is the goal of this Association to promote and maintain professional working relationships with governmental agencies, auctions and businesses that influence our industry and member dealer operations. We pledge to be a representative voice for our Alabama membership regarding the interests of our industry to the governing agencies and officials.

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