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Chapter 7 & 13 Auto Secured Bankruptcy Accounts

Peritus Portfolio Services specializes in the purchasing of your open bankruptcy accounts that are currently in your portfolio of outstanding loans. Peritus Portfolio Services will buy those open bankruptcy accounts for cash at any stage of the process, weather your customer just recently filed or is well into the bankruptcy process.

Peritus Portfolio Services will buy as few as 2 accounts or as many as 5,000 or more! From initial submission through completion of funding, the entire process is quick, simple and painless ! Remember, there is “no charge” to have your bankruptcy portfolio analyzed to get our offer.

“Check Out“ the benefits of selling your bankruptcy accounts to Peritus:

  • Eliminate any current or future legal expenses!
  • Eliminate internal expenses related to servicing these accounts!
  • Eliminate expenses related to recovery procedures!
  • Clean up non-performing accounts from your balance sheet!
  • Improve & Increase your CASH flow!

If you are an Independent BHPH dealer, a franchised dealer with BHPH operations, a Bank, a Finance Company or a Credit Union that offers Auto loans for your customers, why not eliminate you risk and concern along with all the expenses that are associated with this very complicated part of your business ? Why not focus your time, energy, people and your profits on what it is you do best in your core business?

After all in every successful business no matter what the size, one of the most contributing factors to the success of your business is cash flow !

Allow Peritus Portfolio Services to establish a relationship with you and your team by getting your NO CHARGE evaluation of your bankruptcy accounts by completing the forms listed below based on the number of bankruptcy accounts in your portfolio:

  1. If 12 or less bankruptcy accounts click on and complete our Quick Quote form here or on the forms page.

  2. If more than 12 bankruptcy accounts click on the BK Spreadsheet here or on the forms page.

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