Press Release Peritus Services LLC

OIADA Alliance

By Peritus Portfolio Services, LLC
December 28, 2011

COLUMBUS, OHIO - In conjunction with OIADA (Ohio Independent Automobile Dealer Association), Peritus Portfolio Services, a finance company based in Southlake, Texas that specializes in the purchase of open bankruptcy accounts, announces the following alliance program with the OIADA:

Effective as of this date any current member in good standing with the OIADA that completes a transaction of bankruptcy notes with Peritus Portfolio Services will qualify to have its OIADA membership paid for by Peritus for one year, at renewal time !

A non member of the OIADA can qualify after completion of first transaction with Peritus, and then the first year’s new membership fee for OIADA will be paid for by Peritus.

According to Rod A Heasley, Executive Vice-President of Peritus Portfolio Services, “The corporate directors at Peritus realize the importance of membership in the OIADA and how it directly affects the success and future existence of the Independent Dealer in Ohio. Considering the legislative issues at hand, as well as the education opportunities that membership allows you, along with the list of Member Benefits the OIADA provides, your membership and your participation in the OIADA will be one of the most significant decisions you can make in your Automobile Industry career.”

Mr. Jim Mitchell, Executive Director of the OIADA states, “Not only is this a wonderful opportunity for current members to save some money, this is also an opportunity for the OIADA to increase our new membership ranks. Peritus will offer our dealers a unique service that directly helps to increase their cash flow in a positive way. “

An opportunity is presenting itself for member dealers in the OIADA as well as prospective dealers to get a “double bang” with membership in the OIADA and the services of Peritus Portfolio Services, a definite WIN WIN situation for all parties.

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